non exhaustive list of ableism in tumblr feminism



*NB: this is, as i say NON EXHAUSTIVE, and I am talking about mental disabilities because that’s the only thing i feel even vaguely qualified to say anything about (and even then, big gaps in my experience and I’m going half off things I’ve read from other bloggers). if you have anything to add re: physical disabilities etc, feel free to add to this. I do NOT claim to represent the entire problem, just things that I’ve observed so far; there is much more to this*

-accusing MRA’s of having down’s syndrome, being autistic or being dropped as a baby etc.

-reference to sexist men having no social skills, living in mom’s basement etc.

-generally mocking people for lack of social skills

-mocking people for taking things literally which were not meant to be taken literally

-mocking or shouting at people for not understanding complex/abstract things like oppressive structures

-assuming that these people are not negatively affected by oppressive structures, simply because they cannot understand them

-mocking or shouting at people for not understanding terms

-mocking or shouting at people for not using 100% perfect language

-shouting at people for misunderstanding social cues

-speaking for intellectually disabled people on issues such as, if “stupid” is acceptable and so on (issues which are still hotly debated and by no means certain within the anti-ableism community, never mind NT feminists deciding they’ve got the vote on this)

-allowing no points to be considered unless they are worded absolutely perfectly

-assuming that disabled people are unable to speak for themselves, so abled feminists have to speak for them

-appropriating disabled narratives to make them about other issues

-appropriating ableism in general as a mere facet of other forms of oppression

-emphasis on “bad social skills” as something inherently oppressive

-pride in any mental skill apart from social skills, taken as elitist and snobby

-use of the word “unintelligent” as a supposedly preferable alternative to “stupid”

-myth of “overall intelligence” perpetuated or at least not commonly challenged.

-NT people who just can’t be bothered to think critically/empathise/fact check, calling ableism when somebody calls them out on that

-NT people not caring about or mentioning ableism until they can use it to yell at someone they don’t like

-ableism left out of every oppression list—e.g. “cis het white male” being taken as code for “privileged in literally every way”, etc.

-“intent isn’t magic”

-no accommodation made for different people’s needs and abilities in regard to the necessity for media criticism etc.

-no accommodation made for different needs and abilities in regard to demands for new words being implemented.

-posts about ableism get relatively very few notes compared with posts about sexism, heterosexism etc.

-posts about body positivity for visibly disabled people get few notes 

-posts about relatively normative people having complicated relationships with their bodies, get many notes compared with posts about neurodivergent people having complicated relationships with their minds.

-overuse of buzzwords makes communities inaccessible to some autistic people

-disabled people continually dying due to ableism or ableism-classism combination, tumblr gives no shits.

-requirement for people to have good social skills, normative use of humour and physical attractiveness before they are listened to.

-photographing people without consent.

Also, don’t forget telling people to “kill yourself” in various permutations when they do something wrong (usually anonymously, I might add).

Or accusing everyone who doesn’t do epic call outs of any and all -isms whenever they see it as contributing to the problem, even though disabilities like anxiety disorders, depression, and more may make that not a safe or healthy form of activism for them to engage in,especially if they’re coming out of a panic attack or a long period of clinical depression. Because calling already oppressed people—many of whom ID as women, by the way—oppressors because their brains and nervous systems don’t work like you want them to is totally feminist and doesn’t at all contribute to ableism, further silence us and exclude us from activist movements, or make us feel even worse and more defective. /sarcasm 

If you think activism is one size fits all, you’re doing it wrong. 

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me vs anon hate

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reblog if you love pointing out problematic content in everything and you cant have fun

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a dystopia where in order to have some semblance of decent human rights you have to fit into a set of specific criteria based on  things such as race, gender, sexuality, and income, the ideal combination of which is met only by a small portion of society oh wait

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It is always more important to listen to the people who are telling you that something is offensive & oppressive than the people who are telling you that it’s not.

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Here’s the new 15 minute TF2 movie: Expiration Date

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Anonymous said: "To define is to limit" Don't limit yourselves with labels and definitions of who you are.


Well when being cisgender and heterosexuality is the norm, rejecting labels erases human diversity and variation.

I mean, don’t limit yourself to labels, but also describe yourself however you see fit. Labels can be limiting, but when you find a word that works to describe you, it can be incredibly liberating. Being able to communicate aspects of who you are is what these words are for.

"Bullshit. The point of using someone’s preferred pronouns is to demonstrate that you respect their identity and want them to feel safe around you. If you think grammatical correctness is more important than making other people feel accepted and safe, then you are an asshole."

— From Anagnori's “A Non-Binary Person’s Guide to Invented Pronouns” (via lottelodge)

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Anatomy of a Pug [gemmacorrell/foureyes]

look at that little worried faaaaaaace :3


Anatomy of a Pug [gemmacorrell/foureyes]

look at that little worried faaaaaaace :3

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Nine Inch Nails - Hurt

If you have not heard it, find the Johnny Cash version and listen.

No, really.

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